"I would like to say thanks for the treatment that you carried out on me when I was going through some pretty rough times with the pain in my body. Admittedly I was highly sceptical about trying complimentary therapy, especially after all the tests and surgeries that I had to try and find out the cause of my ailment always came back clear."


"Although having Reflexology did not as such resolve the issue that I had, it did help with the level of pain that I was going through at the time, which was a huge relief as all the pain killers that I was subscribed by my Consultant barely touched the surface.


Thankfully the issue has resolved itself now, no idea how, but if it ever does come back, rest assured that I will be requiring your services again to help control the level of pain. I would also have no hesitation in recommending you to others."


- Bharat, Kingsbury

Success Stories

"Bhavini is a very friendly, knowledgable and professional reflexologist. Her treatments are very relaxing and therapeutic...she has great hands ! I would highly reccomend her."


- Bejal, Stanmore

"Bhavini gave me a wonderful relaxing massage, just what I needed after all those Tax Returns! I will definitely go back again."


- Lara, Borehamwood

"Just a quick one to say how much I appreciated the massages that I received from you to help me overcome the compressed disc that I sustained in my lower back after a violent sneeze.


These massages were very relaxing and calming and have helped me a great deal in recovering some of the movement that I had lost over the last 3 weeks.


I am grateful for your help and assistance during this time, but more so because you were willing to give me an as and when appointments that were more suited to when I could attend. Thanks."


- Bharat, Kingsbury