If you are thinking about a corporate massage program for your office or company as part of your wellness benefits package, you will want to consider the benefits to employees and your company.  Whether you provide massage regularly, just during “crunch” times, or as an employee appreciation treat, massage can really make a difference in productivity, job satisfaction, and health.



Benefits to Employee:

  • Relieves back, neck & shoulder pain, headaches and eye strain through alleviating muscular tension

  • Improves concentration & focus as a result of increased oxygen delivery to the brain

  • Stimulates endorphins - your body’s natural painkiller and 'feel good' hormone

  • Improves sleep patterns (cortisol levels are about 50% higher in people who get only six hours of sleep a night)

  • Boosts energy and reduces fatigue by restoring blood and lymph circulation

  • Strengthens immunity by stimulating your 'natural killer cells' (cortisol destroys these cells)



Benefits to Employer:

  • Demonstrates commitment & loyalty towards your staff's health & wellbeing

  • Boosts morale and motivation

  • Increases productivity and profits by maximising your teams potential

  • Attracts, engages and retains key talent

  • Reduces costs associated with sick leave and absenteeism

Corporate Massage